Commercial Laundry

Our commercial laundry service is professional, affordable and allows hospitality venues to focus on their core business. We wash, dry and press laundry and linens for numerous establishments across Dartmoor and Plymouth including B&Bs, holiday letting agencies, holiday homes, wedding venues, event organisers, hair salons and restaurants.

If you manage an Airbnb or holiday let property from a different part of the country, we understand the importance of seamless co-ordination to ensure that your laundry is delivered to your property or cleaner at the right time. We deliver your laundry exactly when you need it within a 2-hour slot, with weekend deliveries and 24-hour express services available. The Laundry Cupboard is the next step towards guaranteed hassle-free changeovers.

Choose our standard detergent package (inclusive of softener and destainer) or upgrade to eco-friendly to take control of your impact on the environment. When you upgrade to eco, we’ll also supply you with free branded tent cards to place on freshly made beds or towel stacks. That way, your customers will know that caring for the environment is at the heart of everything that you, and we, do.